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Side Meetings

Groups may wish to take advantage of having a large group of members of the international TB, HIV, tobacco control and lung health communities assembled for the Union World Conference by organising side meetings. The Union can accommodate a certain number of these gatherings within the conference venue, under the following conditions:

  • Side meetings must be approved by the Conference Secretariat and must not shift the focus of the delegates’ attention from the core programme of the conference in terms of their schedule and content.
  • A minimum of 15 attendees must be expected for a side meeting to be scheduled in the conference programme.
  • No side meetings will be approved during the conference plenary sessions, which will take place from 09.00–10.00 on 25-27 October.

Rooms & Rates

Room Capacity Three Hours Six Hours
Less than 50 participants €2,500 €5,000
100-150 participants €3,500 €6,500
250-400 participants €4,000 €8,000

Spaces are booked on a first-come, first-served basis. Please submit requests for side-meetings by email to to reserve.

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