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Satellite submission guidelines

Satellite submissions are open until 10 July.

Information for session submitters

Please find below the list of tracks under which your session must be submitted. In addition to the official tracks for the conference, submissions are also encouraged with a focus on Europe to be featured in a European roadmap for the conference.

Code Track name
A Advances in Quality of TB Care and Services
B Air pollution
C Basic science, drug development, immunology and vaccines
D Civil society and community engagement
E Clinical trials for new treatments for DS-TB and MDR-TB
F COPD, pneumonia, asthma and other lung health in adults
G Drug-resistant TB care and treatment, except clinical trials
H Drug-sensitive TB care and treatment, except clinical trials
I Economics of the epidemic
J Global and local policies and politics
K HIV-TB and other HIV-related lung health
L Human rights
M Latent TB infection (LTBI)
N Paediatric lung disease, excluding TB
O Paediatric TB
P Patient-centred care
Q TB and non-HIV comorbidities, i.e. diabetes, COPD, tobacco
R TB diagnostics, including drug-resistance determination
S TB education and training
T TB epidemiology
U TB infection control
V TB in key affected populations
W TB laboratory service implementation
X TB other
Y Tobacco control
Z Zoonotic TB

It is recommended that session submitters have initial contact with the proposed speakers before they submit a session to determine their availability to attend the conference, should the session be accepted. If a proposed speaker declines, it is the responsibility of the session submitter to provide the name and contact information of an alternative speaker. Please consider replacement speakers in case the ones initially invited decline the invitation. For speakers representing a UN programme, submitters are required to select the organisation in the list available in the drop-down menu.

If the session is accepted, the submitter is expected to facilitate communication between the session speakers to ensure a coherent session and avoid duplication or contradiction among the presentations.

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Satellite sessions

  • Satellite sessions will be held from 25-27 October outside the hours of the core programme: either for 75 minutes in the morning or 90 minutes in the afternoon
  • There should be at least one and up to two chairs. They will be responsible for coordinating the session, communicating with speakers, promptly communicating with the Secretariat about changes and chairing or co-chairing the session
  • The maximum number of presentations is five
  • The session will be reviewed for compliance with The Union’s mission and vision
  • There will be two rounds of review and notification. Proposals submitted in the first round will be given priority in slot selection
  • Full payment should be made within six weeks of approval. If no payment is received, the slot will be allocated to another satellite
  • The satellite session organiser should ensure costs of travel, accommodation and registration for the speakers and chairpersons will be covered

Satellite sessions submitted before 10 July will receive notification by 16 July. If there are spaces remaining, there will be a second round of reviewing for sessions submitted between 11 July and 10 September. Notifications for the second round will be sent by 14 September. 

Rooms & Rates

Morning Sessions – 75 minutes

Room Capacity Industry Rate NGO Rate
Less than 100 people €6,650 €3,450
100-150 people €8,650 €4,450
250-400 people €10,650 €5,450

Evening Sessions – 90 minutes

Room Capacity Industry Rate NGO Rate
Less than 100 people €8,850 €4,650
100-150 people €10,850 €5,650
250-400 people €12,850 €6,650
These rates include:
  • Room signage before the session
  • Availability of the room 15 minutes before the beginning of the symposium
  • Sound and basic audio-visual equipment
  • Details of the session and speakers in the online conference programme
  • Hyperlinked logo in the conference programme


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