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Community Space Submission Guidelines

Submissions are open until 27 June

Information for coordinators

The person submitting the proposal is the coordinator and will be the point of contact for the Conference Secretariat

  • Write a short description of each session, keeping in mind it will not be possible to amend it once the proposal is accepted
  • Do not exceed the maximum number of characters authorised. Reviewers will not be able to see any text beyond the word limit
  • Specify the target audience and the objectives of the proposed session
  • Include titles for each presentation and provide email addresses for suggested speakers. The system will retrieve the names of individuals already in our database
  • Propose session chairs and provide their email address
  • For email address not identified by the system, create a new contact by entering the following details: e‐mail address, job title, organisation, and country of residence
  • Ensure all contact details are correct. This information will be used for all communication with the proposed speakers and session chairs
  • Proposed chairs and speakers should be aware of their inclusion before they are formally invited to present and/or chair the session by the Conference Secretariat
  • Consider replacement chairs and speakers in case the ones initially invited decline to participate

Due to a limited number of session slots available, coordinators of different accepted sessions may be requested to merge their sessions in order to be able to accommodate as many sessions as possible.

Guidelines for submission:

New user: If you are a new user, click on First Visit’ on the right-hand side of the screen.

Forgotten password: If you have forgotten your password, click on ‘Forgot your password?’ on the right-hand side of the screen.

Option for proposal: Choose whether you intend to propose a session (panel discussion, skill-building workshop or testimonial), a cultural activity (art display, performance or participatory activity) or networking space, or if you are applying for an NGO exhibition space.

Tracks: Please choose the subject the proposal best relates to from the drop-down list tracks. The options are TB, HIV, tobacco control, adult and child lung health and other.

Title and description: Enter the title of the proposed session. Be careful not to exceed the character limit as text beyond this limit will be truncated.

Chairs and coordinators (if applicable): Enter the email addresses of coordinator 1 (mandatory) and chair 1 (optional). Please make sure these email addresses are valid. All communication between the Conference Secretariat and the coordinators will be sent to these addresses.

You may select two chairs and two coordinators for each session. The coordinator may not chair their own session.

Target audience, objectives and keywords: Briefly describe the proposal, list the target audience and outline the objectives of the session. Be careful not to exceed the character limit as text beyond this limit will be truncated.

The following criteria apply only to proposed sessions, cultural activities or networking spaces:

List of presentation(s) and speaker(s): Click on Add a presentation’ to fill in the list of proposed presentations and speakers. Please make sure that the proposed speakers will be available at the time of the conference to avoid last minute changes and that you are entering their active email address.

Details of presentation(s) and speaker(s): Enter the title of each presentation and the email address of the proposed speaker. The system will retrieve the names of individuals already in the database with their email addresses. For new records, you will have to enter the full contact details: email address, job title, organisation and country of residence.

Save your session: Click on Save your session’ to save your work. You may sign in later to complete or edit your application. Do not forget to submit this session for review before the deadline.

Final submission: When you have completed the application, verify your data and click on Submit your session’. Modifications are not possible after submitting. You will receive an email confirmation with a copy of your session as an attachment. You may also retrieve a PDF copy of the proposed session you have just submitted by clicking on Export’ from within the submission platform.

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