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Conference photos

Daily Slideshow: Saturday 27 October

27 Oct 2018

Participant asks a question during a community space panel discussion session on improving the dissemination of clinical trial results and experiences in TB and HIV clinical trials.

Photo credit: Marcus Rose/The Union

Oxana Rucsineanu shared her experience of successfully completing three years of treatment for multidrug-resistant TB in 2010 during the closing session of the 49th Union World Conference on Lung Health.

Photo credit: Javier Galeano

N S Gomathi from the National Institute for Research in Tuberculosis speaks at a session ‘Clinical trial capacity building to address multidrug-resistant tuberculosis’.

Photo credit: The Union/Steve Forrest/Workers’ Photos

Soumya Swaminathan discussing how to take the latest science forward into developing new policies at the third plenary session of the Union World Conference.

Photo credit: The Union/Steve Forrest/Workers’ Photos

From left to right, some of The Union 2018’s award winners: Dr Joseph Amolo Aluoch, Professor Andrew Nunn, Dr Bertie Squire, Dr Christine Sekaggya-Wiltshire, Prof Katherine Fielding, Oksana Ponomarenko, Dr Lorenzo Guglielmetti.

Photo credit: Marcus Rose/The Union

Symposium on tobacco control at the Union World Conference addresses the issues of harm reduction, e-cigarettes and new tobacco products.

Photo credit: Marcus Rose/The Union


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